Review and develop appropriate bylaws revision which promote the mission and interests of South Middle Civic Association as a 501c3 non-profit Association, protect the rights and responsibilities of all members and Board and create an operationally clear direction for Board members. Provide a seamless integration of current by-laws and current procedures that, as a matter of precedent, have become standards of operation. Merge the Bylaws Committee with the objectives of the Nominating Committee and Governance Procedures for review and recommendation to the SMRCA Board and Membership.

Some Specific Activity Examples: Educate membership on relevance of by-laws, effectiveness of Robert’s Rules of Order and importance of civic involvement and participation. Recommend bylaws changes as needed, whether initiated by the Committee or at the request of SMRCA Board or Membership. Review and evaluate for the SMRCA Board and Membership the potential for, or any reports of perceived conflicts of interests Recommend and revise bylaws to meet the best possible effectiveness and current level of community excellence by working with the Council of Neighborhood Associations and when applicable, the Community Foundation of Broward for Non-Profits, as needed.