smartwaterlogoSmartWater CSI, LLC™ is a high technology company with an established track record of crime deterrence and theft reduction.

SmartWater is an asset protection system in the form of a clear liquid which contains a unique forensic code that is extremely robust and guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years within all weather conditions. It is applied to items of value – personal, commercial, and industrial – which are frequently the target of theft.

The non-hazardous patented liquid leaves a long-lasting identifying mark that is invisible except under ultraviolet black light. Law enforcement officials take the smallest micro-fragment of SmartWater from stolen property and send it to SmartWater’s forensic laboratories, where it is scientifically analyzed to identify the owner.

As a result, thieves who make the mistake of targeting SmartWater marked-assets face a far greater risk of successful prosecution. Ultimately, as the statistics over the past 15 years exhibit, crime is reduced and the public enjoys a safer environment.

SmartWater CSI’s offices are located at 110 East Broward Boulevard, Suite 1700, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.



Welc13thStlogoome! The 13th Street Alliance was formed in 2008 by the leaders of the four neighborhood associations boarding NE 13th Street. The four neighborhood associations are: South Middle River Civic Association (SMRCA) Middle River Terrace Neighborhood Association (MRTNA) Lake Ridge Civic Association (Lake Ridge) Poinsettia Heights Civic Association (Poinsettia Heights) The goal of the Alliance is to give a louder voice to these four neighborhoods when dealing with government agencies as they seek to improve the quality of life in this historically troubled part of Fort Lauderdale.

In the 2012 after 4 years of nonstop lobbing the Alliance was able to bring the City of Fort Lauderdale and Broward County Governments to work together to create the Middle River South Middle River Sunrise Boulevard Community Redevelopment Agency (Mrs. Mrs. B CRA) which aims to bring redevelopment to the area between Sunrise Boulevard and The City of Wilton Manors. The major redevelopment goals are to improve the housing stock in the area, bring quality jobs and services to the residents of the region, foster the development of businesses in North East Fort Lauderdale and lastly, to bring a commuter transit station to NE 13th Street at the FEC railroad tracks.

This part of Fort Lauderdale has not stood idly by waiting for government to bring quality of life improvements to the neighborhoods. Throughout the area you will find public art that was installed as a regional effort created in the last two decades. The original public art in the area was predominantly murals created by the residents of the neighborhoods. These murals stop graffiti on the many blank walls throughout the 13th Street Alliance territory. More recently there have been a significant number of sculptures installed in the business corridor along NE 13th Street. These new art projects continue to bring the community together.